Tactical assassin 2 mission 9

tactical assassin 2 mission 9

All You Need Is Any Sniper But the last one, the last 1 wont work, i used a remington m40 a1, and buy every. Tactical Assassin 2 guide – Mission 9 – The last mission has you distracting guards so an ally can plant a bomb. First you need to shoot the tree. A Walkthrough showing you how to complete mission 9. Subscribe to see more Walkthroughs. So the bomber planted a bomb on the car, which exploded and killed the mofo near to the fuse box. Assassinate the militia member - Civilian casualties result in failure. Tom Bylicky Privacy Policy Contact Us. Tactical Teacher game 2 — Walkthrough — Mission Nine — Level 09 Once the bomber made it past the first guard, snipe the bottles. Brains all over the floor!

Tactical assassin 2 mission 9 - nur

Given to you during the mission - Tip: Then shoot the body guard. Check out this guide to find out Where…. Armor Games Studios Press News About Help Purchase Support Privacy Terms and Conditions Jobs Link to Us Free Website Games Games Feed Copyright Armor Games. A New Lead - Primary Objectives:

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Tactical assassin 2 mission 9 Joyclub veranstaltungen
Tactical assassin 2 mission 9 BROKEN Tactical Assassin 2 Rb leipzig nachrichten Eight: Airliner - Primary Objectives: As long as you hit them it counts as a kill. Military x 40 Rifle Scope - Mil-dot long range scope. The last bullet should be aimed at the fuse box next to the target; this will make him check it out, leaving enough of a space for the bomber to plant his explosive on the car. Johnny Hurricane's Gamer Biography.
tactical assassin 2 mission 9


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